Society Membership FAQ

Why has the membership model changed?

After many conversations with the alumni base around membership, it was clear to the committee that we needed a new model that would be more inclusive and uniting.  The “why” someone should sign up to be a member of the alumni society was lost, and the message that was given to many alumni was that it costs money to remain connected to the HSMP program post-graduation.  It was time for a message!

Why is this model better than the old one?

The new model appoints all graduates as members of the alumni society and promotes an inclusive message of participation, engagement, and community.  Basic members will receive at least annual communications from the HSMP Alumni Society and will be entitled to vote in Society elections.  The new model will also continue to promote giving from all membership to further the mission of the HSMP alumni society.  So, the need for financial support for the HSMP students has not changed, but our platform and structure has.

If all HSMP alumni are now members, what incentives do I have to donate?

Annual membership will be offered to graduates who make an annual tax-deductible contribution of at least $40 to the HSMP fund of your choice. That’s right, contributions in our new model are tax-deductible! This fund will be used to support Society activities, including student attendance at Society events.

Other than a tax deduction, what is in it for me if I sign up for a annual membership?

By becoming an annual member, you can hold an office in the HSMP Alumni Society, get access to the bi-annual salary survey, access to the online directory, get an option to order a hard copy directory, and receive event discounts to terrific HSMP-sponsored events!

Does any of this tie to my membership to The Ohio State University Alumni Association?

It sure does!  With your $40 gift to the HSMP fund, you will become an Alumni Donor Member with the Alumni Association.  With an annual gift of $150 or more or a monthly recurring gift of $10 to any HSMP Fund, you will become a Life Donor Member in the Alumni Association. For more information about the additional benefits from the Alumni Association click here.

If I’m not onboard with a donation, am I excluded in any way? 

Certainly not!  As mentioned, a big part of our model change is not only creating great incentives such as a tax-deductible donation option and an improved sustained membership benefit package – we are also seeking a more cohesive and participatory alumni association.  As of now, we are ALL members of the society.

There are many ways to give back to the HSMP program outside of becoming a sustained member, including direct interactions with the students themselves.  These engagements may involve coaching through the fellowship preparation process, practice phone interviews, hosting a summer resident, or simply making yourself available for questions about your organization or your career path!  When we offer mentorship and counsel, we are adding a vital component to the students’ development and helping them prepare for their careers.

Wait a minute, my membership dues are now considered tax-deductible donations?

That’s right!  We are moving from a membership dues model to a membership donation model.  This is a big difference, not from an out-of-pocket perspective, but from a process and benefits perspective.  Rather than paying dues to the alumni society, your money is going to The Ohio State University as a donation.  Please note that the only fund you can donate towards to receive sustaining membership is the HSMP Alumni Society is the Enhancement Fund (303847).

What if I am a lifetime member through the previous model?

Current lifetime members will be grandfathered into the new model and will be considered sustaining members.

What’s the big deal about donating, anyways?

By contributing as a sustaining member, you are enhancing programming for the HSMP students that are relying on us to help make their education and overall experience the best it can be!  Remember how awesome it was to be a student?  The learning, the interactions, and the ability to build the cornerstone of a great career in healthcare leadership?  At the end of the day, that is what our HSMP Alumni Society is about:  making our program better and supporting the educational mission of the department!  Our students are at the heart of all that we do!  While financial resources are not mandatory, they sure do help – A LOT!

OK, you’ve convinced me!  How do I donate?

You can make your gift online or by calling the OSU foundation at 614-292-2141. Please email us with any questions.