Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Society’s Officers, At-Large Representatives, and other members so designated in Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution. The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing ad hoc committees and coordinating their activities; establish the calendar of major events; develop the budget; establish objectives for the Society; determine the recipients of Society-sponsored awards; establish the annual membership dues schedule; review the Constitution and Bylaws at least every third year; and coordinate the activities of other committees.

Karen Sharp ’93 President
Vish Bhatt ’14 President-Elect
Aaron Fields ’10 Past President
Hillary Kummer ’15 Treasurer
Mary O’Connell ’09 Secretary
Libbey Hoang ’99 At-Large Rep
Kevin Muench ’03 At-Large Rep
Esther Olsen ’18 At-Large Rep
Zeb Purdin ’15 At-Large Rep

HSMP Interim Division Chair
Sharon Schweikhart

MHA Program Director
Julie Robbins ’93

Alumni Society Director
Emilie Zion

Executive Committee Profiles

President Elect: Vish Bhatt ’14
Vice President, Community Impact, United Way of Summit and Medina
“I decided to get involved in the HSMP Alumni Society Executive Committee because I wanted to give back and support students the way I had been supported when I was a student.”

Treasurer: Hillary Kummer ‘15
Administrator, Department of Radiology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
“When I look back on my time in the MHA program, it truly is one of the most defining points in my life to-date. I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible, developed relationships that would become my very best friends, and really understood what it meant to be part of an amazing alumni network. As Treasurer of the Committee, I have the opportunity to not only give back to an organization that has given me so much, but in a way that allows me to do so within one of my passions (finance!).”

Past President: Aaron Fields ‘10
Strategy Advisor & Executive Coach, OhioHealth
“I got involved in the HSMP Alumni executive committee after being inspired by the passion I saw other alumni give to this society. So many alumni give their time to help other alums, students, and the MHA program. That was something I wanted to be a part of, and I have truly enjoyed partnering with alumni in this community of service.”

At Large Representatives

Secretary and 2021 MI Chair: Mary O’Connell ‘09
Currently searching for employment (and open to networking and discussion of potential opportunities!); previously University of Chicago Medicine, UW Health – University of Wisconsin
“I always knew I would be an active member of the Alumni Society, and was called to join the Executive Committee by two classmates serving elected terms. This opportunity has provided a unifying link to MHA Buckeyes past, present and future, and a deeply rewarding sense of community.”

Libbey Hoang ‘99
Vice President, Planning & Business Development, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
“I wanted to be more involved in the HSMP Alumni Society Executive Committee to give back to the university and program that has educated and prepared me for a rewarding career. I also wanted to continue to support and enhance the alumni/student relationship. I am thankful to have gotten more involved because I have gotten to know other alumni and students better, and enjoy observing and learning from other leaders in similar careers.”

Kevin Muench ‘03
Registered Nurse, Norton Hospital
“I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the executive committee multiple times since graduating in 2003. During school and early in our careers my wife (also a 2003 graduate) and I benefited tremendously from the HSMP Alumni Society. After our fellowships ended both of our first jobs were obtained through alumni connections, and as we’ve matured in our careers we’ve continued to benefit from being active in the Alumni Society. Serving on the executive committee gives me an opportunity to give back and support others like I was supported.”

Esther Olsen ‘18
Chief of Staff, Just Collective
“I love the OSU MHA program! Enrolling in the program was one of the best decisions of my life. I have great memories and friends from my two years at Ohio State, and I am so grateful for the faculty, classmates, and alumni who supported me during and after the program. I would be thrilled to be able to provide support to others, so they can likewise have an outstanding experience as a student and alum of this program.”

Zeb Purdin ‘15
Business Manager, Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital
“The alumni society is such a supportive and fantastic community. I wanted to give back to a community that has helped me and countless others.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee Chair

Lisa Sloane ‘07
CEO, More Inclusive Healthcare
“I am involved in HSMP Alumni Society Executive Committee because I want to positively impact the way the alumni society and the program approach diversity, equity, and inclusion.”