Dr. Sharon Schweikhart’s Leadership Role at the University

 This month, we interviewed Dr. Scheikhart to learn more about her leadership roles within the University and the College of Public Health.

 What have you been doing since stepping out of the MHA program director role?

First, I continue in my HSMP faculty role – teaching, advising students, serving on committees and supporting the MHA program in whatever way I can.   In the College of Public Health, I am serving as the Graduate Studies Chair, a role which provides faculty administrative oversight for all of the College’s graduate programs.

I also remain active in the field nationally through the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) and Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Management Education (CAHME).  For example, as a past board chair of AUPHA, I was recently asked to chair the committee that selects the winner of a major research prize, the John D. Thompson Award for Young Investigators — by the way, John D. Thompson was the health services researcher whose work became the basis for DRGs!  At CAHME, I serve on the Standards Committee (a major standing committee of the board structure)  and have served on a variety of other short-term committees.  This kind of work on behalf of the OSU MHA program allows our program to be represented widely in the field nationally.

During the first two years after stepping out, I led a Fisher-college based center, the Center for Lean Healthcare Research.  While that center is no longer based at Fisher, this role allowed me to deepen my knowledge of lean and develop colleagues at health systems across the country.  One of the people I had the pleasure of working with is OSU MHA alum Kathryn Correia who was CEO of HealthEast in St. Paul, MN and just became CEO of Legacy in Portland, OR.  Kathryn is a true leader in the healthcare lean management, having started her lean work at ThedaCare in Appleton, Wisconsin.   Also, I continue to teach occasionally at Fisher.

Most recently, I have been especially active in the University Senate.  I served as Chair of Senate Steering during the 2017-2018 year, and was elected chair –elect of Faculty Council this Spring.  So I will continue in a Senate leadership role for the next two years.   I enjoy this work because I’ve gotten to know so much about the University where I’ve worked for the last 28 (yes, 28) years and met faculty from across the University!  As a faculty leader with the Senate, I have monthly meetings with the President and Provost, which has really opened my eyes to the depth and breadth of activity at Ohio State.


What has been most rewarding with this work?

Interacting with more people, those within the College and across OSU.  I’m enjoying the broader view that I have!


How does this work enhance the college/program?

I routinely bring back to the college faculty what I am learning about OSU priorities and initiatives, what I’ve learned that other department and programs are doing.  I also represent the College with University leadership, which I think is good for us.