The New Science of Unconscious Bias

On April 15, 2015, the Diversity Committee presented a webinar featuring David B. Hunt, J.D., President and CEO of Critical Measures, LLC. David’s presentation titled “The New Science of Unconscious Bias: Workforce and Patient Care Implications” explored the science behind this shift in thinking and the implications of unconscious bias research for the workforce and for caring for racially and culturally diverse patients. It concluded with tips and tactics for what individuals and organizations can do to become more conscious of unconscious biases and counteract them in systemic ways.

David Hunt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Critical Measures. Critical Measures is a management training and consulting firm that assists employers to harness the power of diversity to create more productive, profitable and inclusive workforces. Two thirds of Critical Measures work is in the area of cross-cultural healthcare. David is a sought-after national and international speaker on issues of racial and ethnic disparities in health care, and the law of language access and medical disparities that result from globally mobile populations. He has delivered keynote presentations on such topics as The New Science of Unconscious Bias for the American Hospital Association.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed/downloaded here: OSU Webinar Unconscious Bias 2015